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Squirt Division


1. Runners must either slide into home or avoid the defensive player covering home. If in the umpire's judgement the runner interferes with the defensive player at home, the runner will be called out. This call is at the total discretion of the umpire and shall not be argued. If no play is being made the defensive player must not interfere with the runner's path to home plate.

Sportsmanship and Decorum

1. This is a fair play league. Equal play time is required. Positional and time wise.

2. All players who attend the game must be listed on the score sheet and no player may sit on the sidelines for more than two consecutive innings and a maximum of three innings in the game.

3. There will be no pull-ups unless you have less than nine players.

4. No spits, gum, candy, or any food on the playing field.

5. The coach of the winning team must call the score in to the Division Director within 24 hours of the game.

Game Rules

1. Seven innings shall constitute a game and a legal game shall be five innings or one hour and forty-five minutes, whichever occurs first.

2. With agreement of both coaches, no inning shall start after 7:45pm on a scheduled 6:00pm start otherwise no inning shall start after one hour and forty-five minutes from the actual starting time.

3. Runs shall be limited to five runs per inning until the open inning, which will be unlimited. The open inning will be the 5th, 6th or 7th inning depending on time.

4. There shall be unlimited substitution of players in the field at any time that has been requested and given.

5. Each team player shall bat as listed on the score sheet whether playing defensively or not.

6. A pitcher shall be limited to pitch for a maximum of eight innings per week and at least two pitchers per game.

7. One pitch is taken as an inning.

8. The Pitching Rule: A pitcher may leave their position, go to another position or the bench, and return to the pitching mound once in a game.

9. The conference rule for pitchers is waived.

10. The batter is out on a dropped third strike, but the ball is alive.

11. All players are to wear full uniform. No shorts.

12. Infield fly rule applies when:
a) Fewer than two out
b) Runners on 1st and 2nd, or bases loaded
c) A pop fly (Fair Ball) which can be handed with ordinary effort by an infielder
d) The batter is automatically out
e) Runners are to remain on the bases they are holding, but may not interfere with any play on the ball
f) Force play is off, as batter has been declared out
g) Runners attempt to advance at their own risk

13. An eleven inch ball is to be used.

14. Pitching distance is 35 feet. Baselines are to be 55 feet.

15. Home to second base is 75 feet and 9 1/4 inches.


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