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Mites Division


1. If a pitcher hits four batters during pitching in a game in one inning the pitcher will be removed for the remainder of that inning and the next inning from the pitching position.  If the same pitcher subsequently hits a batter in the same game the pitcher shall be removed for the remainder of the game as a pitcher.  This is not to be abused by players or coaches. A pitched ball bouncing on the ground and then hitting the batter on the foot should not be considered as "hitting the batter", unless the ball is thrown with such force that the batter had no time to react to avoid being hit.  The call on the batter is one ball.

This is a transition division in which players start pitching.  The coach will determine if a player is ready to pitch, and only players whom have proven their ability in practice will be allowed to pitch.  If there are no players able or the pitcher is struggling the coach will step in to pitch while a player plays the fielding pitcher position.  A coach should step in to pitch when the pitcher is throwing too many balls and players are being walked without the chance to get a hit.

2. Bats are not to be thrown.  The Plate Umpire should apply one verbal warning to the batter and all other players on both teams.  Making sure everyone is aware of the call made.  Next bat thrown by any player that batter should be called out.  Bats should be no more than two bat lengths away from home plate.

Sportsmanship and Decorum

1. This is a fair play league.  Equal play time is required.  Positional and time wise (pitching position being the exception, only players who have proven their ability in practice will pitch in a game and the most proficient pitchers will be played).

2. All players who attend the game must be listed on the score sheet and no player may sit on the sidelines for more than two consecutive innings.

3. Players should enter and leave field positions quickly. Have your team prepared in order to move the game along quickly.

Game Rules

1. Four innings shall constitute a legal game.

2. With agreement of both coaches, no new inning shall start after 8:00pm.

3. Each team member shall bat as listed on the score sheet whether playing defensively or not.

4. Ten players may be used on the field instead of nine, with an extra short stop between 1st and 2nd bases, at the discretion of either coach.  In any game the number of players on the field may be nine or ten and need not be the same for both teams.

5. Runs shall be limited to five runs per inning.

6. The Pitcher shall be limited to pitch for a maximum of two innings per game.  One pitch is an inning.

7. The conference rule for pitchers is waived.

8. The infield fly rule is not in effect.

9. Pitching distance is 30 feet. Baselines are to be 45 feet.

10. Eleven inch balls are to be used.

11. If the batter is awarded 1st base as a result of having four balls called, the batter is not allowed to advance beyond 1st base on the walk.

12. Base runners may leave their bases and advance only when the ball leaves the pitchers hand.
A runner may advance ( stealing base ) only one base from the base she is occupying at the time of the pitch. This applies regardless of how many overthrows occur. When the catch throws the ball to the pitcher the runner can not steal bases, including overthrows to the pitcher. There will be no stealing home.

13. The batter is out on a dropped third strike, but the ball is still alive.




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