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Majors A Division - 11 to 12 Baseball

Tuesday and Thursday evenings, 6-8pm

Players in this division level are typically 11 and 12 years old, however 10 years old’s will be drafted on to teams if their assessment scores are high enough. This is the most competitive level in Little League baseball and requires a high degree of commitment from both coaches and players.

Majors A use the same field play rules as Majors B, however some of player use and substitution rules that Majors B uses will not be applied to the Major A level.

Jerseys, pants, belts and baseball caps are provided but the players must have their own baseball glove, batting helmet and protective cup. Rubber cleated shoes are mandatory.

2019 Assessments:

Saturday April 6th

Location:  Men’s fastball diamond at Brennan Park (fully fenced field with scoreboard at the North End of the Park). If weather is uncooperative, assessments will be moved indoors to Don Ross Secondary School.

All players must have a glove, helmet and "cup" protection.


1. On deck batter must use the on deck circle behind the batter at the plate to minimize the chance of getting hit with a fould ball. No one except the batter and the on deck batter may have a bat in their hand. The catchers warming up the pitcher in the bullpen must have full gear on, unless the pitcher is throwing to a coach. There must be a spotter standing near the pitcher to protect them from foul balls.

2. Cups are mandatory for all players.

3. No jewelry, food or pop on benches or playing area.

Sportsmanship and Decorum

1. Coaches are expected to lead by example in regards to all matters of sportsmanship and decorum.

2. Please be sure to strongly discourage any down calling of the opposing players or umpires by coaches, parents or players. If a parent persists, the umpire can request that they leave the field. Coaches will be expected to assist the umpire in this regard.

3. Coaches should not complain about umpires' calls. If a coach has a concern about a call, he or she should take it up with the umpire after the game, in the spirit of teaching and learning, without regard to the outcome of the game. Even this should be done sparingly. If there are any serious complaints about an umpire's performance, this should be taken up with the Umpire Coordinator. 

Game Rules (2016 adendaments are currently under review)

1. Except as modified by this document, conventional Little League rules will apply.

2. Continuous batting order. All players on the roster shall be on the batting list whether they are playing or not.

3. There will be a 5 run limit per inning rule. The next inning after 90 minutes of play will be an open inning.

4. A mercy rule will apply. If a team is winning by 10 runs after 4 innings, the game is over.

5. Base running: no lead offs - stealing is only allowed after the ball crosses the plate. No head first sliding!

6. All updated Little League Pitching rules will apply.

7. Players may not sit out defensively more than two innings in a row.

8. 8 players: If a team is unfortunate to have only 8 players they will not be penalized by having an out in the 9th spot of the batting order

9. Late players: If a player shows up after the game has started that wasn't in the original line-up they will bat at the bottom of the batting order

10.The next inning to start after 90 minutes shall be the final final inning and there shall be no run limit unless the mercy rule comes into effect


1. Home team is responsible for setting up the field.

2. Umpires are provided - Brad Larson is the Umpire Coordinator. If the umpire does not show up, please make do with a parent or a co-coach for that game and inform Brad.

3. Each team will have a minimum of 8 players to start a game or a forfeit will take place. Agreement to play the game will not change the forfeit.

4. Minors call-ups - minor leaguers should be utilized if a team knows in advance that they will be short.

5. Rain cancellation - should be called a minimum of one hour prior to 6:00pm start time. Please contact opposing coach to discuss - both teams should agree on the postponement. When this happens, try to arrange make-up games as soon as possible. It is up to the home team to contact the Umpire Coordinator. These make-up games are subject to field availability.

6. Season standings - ties in final standings to be broken as follows:
a. Won- lost percentage ( postponed games that are not made up will be entered as ties for both teams ).
b. Head to head win - loss record.
c. Head to head run differential.
d. Season's total run differential.
e. Coin toss.


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